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What do you hang on the walls of your mind?
Eve Arnold (in a notebook to her grandson)


This website is about my private photography. Although I do a certain amount of commercial photography and video work as part of my job in advertising, I do not pursue this in my private life. The work in these galleries was done without commercial pressure and I realise that’s probably why, after all the years, I am still passionate about photography. Eve Arnold, successful photojournalist for more than fifty years and the first woman to be invited to join the famous Magnum Photo co-operative agency, said “Paradoxically, I think the photographer should be an amateur at heart – someone who loves the craft. Then she must have a healthy constitution, a strong stomach, a distinct will, quick reflexes and a sense of adventure, and be willing to take risks.”

I am not looking for general commercial work. However, should the subject of a commission fall within my general range of interests, or constitute a new challenge to me, I would consider consignment work. Although money would not be the main criteria for me, I would at the very least expect to cover my costs.

I welcome feedback regarding my work as well as any information regarding unusual, interesting people, places or anything else that might come to mind
from looking at my work.