No other piece of equipment has brought me as much pleasure and frustration as the camera. From the time I started doing darkroom work as a junior in an advertising agency, I have been obsessed with the magic of this wonderful invention. Photography has taken me all over the world, to places that I doubt I would have visited, were it not for the constant search for new landscapes, new people and new subjects to explore.

Some years ago, I became disillusioned with photography and stopped completely. I sold all my equipment and focused my attention elsewhere, but with the arrival of the computer and the first digital cameras I became obsessed all over again. I had my darkroom back and the flame was re-ignited. I’ve injected a lot of time, energy and money into photography over the years, not always achieving the results I had hoped for, but searching through my archives as I decided on content for this website, I realised that it was a path I had to walk along and that I would have been poorer had I not done so. I’ve learnt more about myself, and the world around me through making pictures than any other source.

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